Treatment Name: Timothy Grass Hay

Treatment Type: Foods and treats

Rated for: Peruvian Guinea Pig

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Somers, Connecticut, United States

Posted Dec. 26, 2018

Timothy hay is terrific for guinea pigs and should make up the bulk of their diet. It is low in calories and sugar, and provides a lot of roughage. A PSA: hay sold in bags at pet stores is wildly overpriced. I only know this because I have horses, and a 50 lb. bale of good quality hay goes for about $6 around where I live. So, if you have the opportunity, look around for cheaper options for hay-- stores like Tractor Supply sometimes sell individual bales. When evaluating hay, look for long, leafy, slightly green stems. You don't want your hay to be brittle and yellow and look like straw. If hay is especially dusty, it could be moldy.

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