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Wet Food: The Key to Health




Somers, Connecticut, United States

Posted Dec. 25, 2018

If you haven't read the book Your Cat by Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, I would highly recommend it. It completely revolutionized the way I care for my cats. One of the main topics in the book is feeding your cat correctly-- in summary:
1) Dry foods are high in carbohydrates-- cats aren't built to eat carbohydrates
2) Dry foods expect cats to drink water-- in the wild, cats get water from their food.
So, she argues that feeding high protein, high fat wet food is the recipe for a healthy cat. And I would have to agree with her.

When we rescued her, one of my cats was right on the verge of being diabetic. She was overweight and drank water constantly. We stopped free feeding and switched her to a diet of only wet food. She slimmed down to a healthy weight, and has stayed that way ever since. She stopped drinking so much, and her blood sugar is normal.

I also gave the book to my aunt, an avid cat lover. She tried switching her diabetic cat to only wet food. Over time, his sugars leveled out, and he hasn't needed insulin for the past several years. She adopted another severely diabetic cat and the same thing happened. So, while wet food is a hassle I would advise you to do your own research, I have found that feeding a high quality wet food is THE most important factor to your cat's health.

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