Treatment Name: Protective Devices: Compression Wraps

Treatment Type: Medical devices

Rated for: American Quarter Horse

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Easy to use
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Visible Difference




Gerber, California, United States

Posted Dec. 4, 2018

This is a fine boned mare, that is generally pretty tough. If kept in a stall over night she gets a significant amount of swelling. I purchased the " Back On Track Quick Wraps" and have been using them while she's stalled over night and she moves around much more freely the next day. She takes less time to warm up, and walks out of the stall ready to go. You can visibly see the difference in leg size when she's had them on, versus when she doesn't.
She gets stalled at ropings, and when its very wet outside. I leave them on over night, usually giving her a break during the day. They do make the horses legs warm up, so you have to be careful in warmer months.

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