Treatment Name: Crickets

Treatment Type: Foods and treats

Rated for: Rose Hair Tarantula

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The Perfect Meal

Brandon Mills




Posted Nov. 17, 2018

Of everything I've tried feeding my tarantulas, the feeder cricket is top of the list. For the most part, a couple crickets every other week seems to be sufficient for one spider. However, don't be surprised if your rose-hair goes weeks or even months without eating anything at all.

Most pet stores will only sell crickets by the dozen. You can keep the ones not eaten alive much longer by placing a few small chunks of a raw potato in the habitat. Wetting the potato down daily will provide enough food and water to keep alive. Typically I only see my rose-hair eat one on the first day. She'll web and wrap the carcass, bury it in the bottom of the habitat, and then eat a second one overnight or the next day.

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