Treatment Name: Pinky Mice

Treatment Type: Foods and treats

Rated for: Rose Hair Tarantula

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My baby loves mice!

Brandon Mills




Posted Nov. 14, 2018

My four-year old Rose-Hair loves her pinkie mice. They're a little more difficult to find, however, than crickets, super worms, or other insect options. For starters, neither of my tarantulas have had any interest in a frozen mouse. Some pet stores won't sell live "animals" for feeding purpose. Apparently insects lives matter less, because they have no problem giving you a bag of crickets to feed with.

When you do feed a pinkie mouse to a spider, they will drain the body and wrap the remains up for later use. Both of mine have buried the webbed carcass. While the feeding is fascinating to watch for some, be aware that many find it cruel and / or have a difficult time watching the process unfold.

Researchers are still giving conflicting opinions on whether pinkie mice are healthy for tarantulas. On the one side of the debate is mention that pinkie's are high in calcium, which can be harmful in excess to arachnids. The opposing view notes that in their native habitat, the rose hair tarantula eats a diet high in forest floor amphibians. It is recommended by all that you don't feed the pinkie mice to your spider regularly. I personally feed Felicia a pinkie every 3 - 4 months.

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