Treatment Name: Apple Cider Vinegar Ear Drops

Treatment Type: Natural Health Products

Rated for: American Pit Bull Terrier / Labrador Retriever Mix

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Cortez, Colorado, United States

Posted Nov. 6, 2018

My dog hates to get his ears cleaned. It takes two full grown men to hold him down so it can be done. Unfortunately he has to be submitted to this escapade multiple times weekly. If left untended the build-up in his ears gets so bad that it causes irritation of the skin. His ears will get sores or the skin will split in the folds of his ears. It makes the poor guy miserable either way. To try and avoid his getting wounded the circus event known as 'Cleaning Draco's Ears' occurs twice weekly at our house.
Most commercial ear cleaning solutions for pets have additives that irritate and inflame Draco's tender skin further. This adds to the torture that is ear cleaning. So we don't make things worse for him I've started using a homemade solution with vinegar. I use a one parts vinegar to two parts water mix. That's it. A solution of one part vinegar to one part water is recommended for cleaning dogs ears when an ear infection is present. I dilute the vinegar further because there's no infection involved and it's even gentler on his skin, not to mention his nose.

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