Treatment Name: Vaccinations: Marek’s Disease

Treatment Type: Vaccines

Rated for: Australorp Chicken

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Highly Contagious Chicks should be Vaccinated

Mia B



Stow, Ohio, United States

Posted Jun. 10, 2018

If chicks are purchased from a hatchery they are usually vaccinated for Marek's before they are mailed to you or you are given the option of having them vaccinated. You can also purchase the vaccine and administer it to your chickens yourself or have a veterinarian that deals with fowl give the vaccine. Marek's is a highly contagious viral disease that causes a plethora of issues and there is no treatment. Some chickens will not be affected or show symptoms even if they have the disease. A vaccinated bird is capable of spreading the virus to other birds so all birds should be vaccinated. The virus can leave for months in a coop even if the affected chickens have been removed.

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