Treatment Name: Blue Buffalo Blue Life Protection Formula


Treatment Type: Foods and Treats

Rated for: Labrador Retriever / Chow Chow Mix

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Easy to use
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Pay attention to serving sizes. I learned the hard way.




Texas, United States

Posted Nov. 2, 2018

Both of our dogs, a Lab mix and an Australian shepherd, really love Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula. It's nutritious -- it even has dried blueberries! -- and the crunchy kibble keeps them satisfied. We feed the Healthy Weight chicken and brown rice variety, AKA 'the yellow bag'.

When we first switched to the Healthy Weight formula (read: 'diet'), I kept feeding both dogs the same size scoop of food, thinking that they were getting fewer calories because the food was lower in calories overall. That is, in fact, the case, but it turns out, I was way overfeeding them to begin with, so the difference in calories really wasn't having an effect.

I recently took my Aussie to the vet and she was seriously overweight. The vet tech asked me how much I fed her and when I told her, she kindly informed me it was about double the amount she needed! Sure enough, when I got home, I actually read the serving recommendations on the bag (Duh!) and we were definitely not giving the correct amount. We have since reduced the amount we feed both dogs and they have trimmed down quite a bit, but they still love that 'yellow bag'!

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