Treatment Name: Dog Bedding: Orthopedic Foam Beds

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Products

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Great for dogs with arthritis

Tabitha Wickett



Posted Jul. 19, 2018

As dogs get older they can develop arthritis and it can make it a little harder to get around. These are great at providing extra support and comfort to your dog when they are lying down on the floor. This will give them something to lay on besides the floor. It can also provide extra support when they go to get up as well.

The only downside, is they have to use it in order to benefit from it! If they don't really sleep on dog beds, buying this might be a waste of money unfortunately. But it is definitely worth a try!!

The price can vary according to size and brand. There are many different brand options out there for you to choose from. Id recommend shopping around and looking at the reviews on which one would be the best fit for your pup.

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