Treatment Name: Liquid Drops - Fleas, Ticks, Heartworm, Mites

Treatment Type: Antiparasitics

Rated for: Labrador Retriever

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Easy to use
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Broad spectrum of parasite coverage

Chyrle Bonk DVM



Orofino, Idaho, United States

Posted Nov. 27, 2017

The biggest benefit of topical flea, tick, mange, and heartworm drops like Revolution is their wide range of activity. Most of these also get internal worms as well. This makes it a one-stop treatment for all these parasites.
The downside is that in recent years they have lost some of their efficacy against fleas and ticks. Since this is the main reason that they are prescribed in my clinic, we have started using other products more. These are still used mainly for their heartworm activity. Also, owners sometimes find the topical application messy and and with a foul odor.

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