Treatment Name: Regular Cage Cleaning

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: Holland Lop Rabbit

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L Perez



Posted Aug. 28, 2018

Keeping the living enclosures of your rabbit clean and hygienic helps prevent worms.
Most diseases that affect them develop in crowded, filthy enclosures and under stressful conditions.
The most important hygienic measures are:
- Cleaning and disinfecting the cages frequently.
- Avoiding moisture and accumulation of urine and feces.
- Avoiding contact of the rabbit with excrement. It's normal for rabbits to eat some of their own droppings, for which they can reinfect themselves after an initial deworming. So a regular deworming schedule may be necessary.
- Keeping the bed dry and clean.
- Cleaning feeders and water bottles daily or every other day.
- Keeping the food in a cool and dry place to avoid contamination.
To sum up: procure optimal environmental conditions around your rabbit.
Additionally, rabbits fed a healthy diet are less vulnerable to disease. As your pet loves grass, vegetables, and fruits, wash the latter thoroughly before feeding.

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