Treatment Name: Surgical Procedures: Female Spaying (Ovariohysterectomy - OVH)

Treatment Type: Medical and Surgical Procedures

Rated for: Australian Shepherd / Border Collie Mix

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Tabitha Wickett



Posted Aug. 20, 2018

An infected uterus or pyometra can be life threatening if not treated quickly. A pyometra is a uterus full of pus. The uterus often times looks like a pregnant uterus except there are no babies, just full of pus. If not treated quickly their life can be in danger. Often times when a pyometra is diagnosed, the treatment is surgery to remove the uterus. It can be treated medically, but sometimes is not recommended. If it is a breeding dog, then medical management can be discussed. But spaying not only treats the problem, but it also prevents it from happening again since the uterus will be removed. The down side is that the dog will no longer be able to breather. But if the dog is not being used for breeding, then spaying the dog is recommended. Spaying also reduces the risk of other problems such as mammary cancer too.

Usually dogs recover just fine once surgery is done and the uterus is removed. However,it is surgery and with surgery there are always risks. But if the patients life is at risk, the surgery should be done. The surgery is a simple procedure, it is the exact same procedure as doing a spay.

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