Treatment Name: Cold Therapy: Silicon Gel Packs

Treatment Type: Medical Devices

Rated for: Deutsche Bracke

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Easy to use
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Good way to reduce pain and swelling

Vuk Ignjic DVM



Posted Jul. 12, 2018

Cold therapy is used to reduce swelling in cases of acute, cold acts through mechanism of vasoconstriction, thus reducing the blood flow to the injured/inflamed area.
When using this treatment you should keep the cold on for 15minutes and then keep it of for 15 minutes and so on. This regiment is important because if you keep the cold for too long blood vessels get "confused" and dilate even though they are cold, so you annul the very effect you were trying to produce in the first place.
If you witness the trauma your dog has suffered, you can use the cold treatment right away, reaction to the trauma will be much smaller if you do so, and you can significantly reduce amount of pain and discomfort your dog will experience from the trauma.

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