Treatment Name: Epipen etc. (epinephrine)

Treatment Type: Medications

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DVM Ivana Vukasinovic



Posted Jul. 4, 2018

Reactions to a vaccination are rare, but still possible, and start with itching, shaking head, heaves on the head and face, with possible breathing difficulties. Allergic reaction can be more severe with life-threatening symptoms, especially in those cases that have problems with breathing.

The skin reactions are histamine-mediated, and usually anti-histamines and steroids will make them go away, while cases of breathing difficulties will probably require dose of epinephrine (acts as vasodilatator, giving more oxygen to the lungs) .

In very rare cases, shock is an immediate reaction to the vaccination while still in veterinarians office. Shock must be treated at once with proper therapy including liquids, epinephrine and cortisone.

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