Treatment Name: Hygiene: Flea Combing

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Products

Rated for: Australian Shepherd

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A futile endeavor if there ever was one



Santa Barbara, California, United States

Posted Sep 09, 2017

Unless your dog is small and hairless (or practically hairless), you could spend most of your waking hours trying to comb for fleas and you'd surely miss some.

I've tried flea combing in moments of madness - when our dogs were mad that is with a feverish itch. And I caught one! But where there's one flea, there are likely to be many others.

Getting the flea comb to work at all in a dense double coat was practically impossible. The only area where it worked was in the thin hair on the underbelly side of their legs. And if they have a black or dark coat....good luck! Flea combing a dog is not recommended!

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