Treatment Name: Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Urinary Care Canned Dog Food

Treatment Type: Foods and Treats

Rated for: Labrador Retriever

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Jennifer Peters DVM DABVP canine and feline



Grass Valley, California, United States

Posted Jun. 24, 2018

The prescription urinary diets have great advantages over regular store diets. They are formulated to full maintenance (energy, vitamins and minerals) with a balance specifically to resolve urinary issues like stones and inflammation.
The urinary system eliminates a lot of the minerals from the body and this can result in many of the urinary problems that we see. The diets help to balance mineral and pH which helps to prevent infection. They encourage water intake which helps to prevent problems as well.
For dogs with chronic urinary issues a lifelong change to a urinary health diet can decrease illness and the use of medication. It is the best side-effect free management tool.

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