Treatment Name: Dilaudid etc. (hydromorphone)

Treatment Type: Medications

Rated for: Labrador Retriever

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Easy to use
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Excellent pain medication

Jennifer Peters DVM DABVP canine and feline



Grass Valley, California, United States

Posted Jun. 23, 2018

Hydromorphone is an excellent pain medication. It is often use prior to surgery both for it's sedative effect and to minimize pain so the level of anesthesia during surgery can be lower. In painful procedures an additional done is generally given after surgery. It is an injectable medication.
Dog's generally respond well to this medication. The primary side effects are panting, vomiting and sedation. It is more potent than morphine, people often confuse this with a better pain medication. Potency simply means a tenth of a cc of hydromorphone equals a cc of morphine. This has little relevance when being used in the clinic. Both medications give equal pain control.
This is not a medication that is sent home with pets.

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