Treatment Name: Diet: Calorie Reduction

Treatment Type: Dietary Approaches

Rated for: American Akita / American Blue Gascon Hound Mix

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Overlooked component of arthritis treatment

M Teiber DVM



Illinois, United States

Posted Jun. 21, 2018

Calorie reduction is an important but often forgotten component of arthritis treatment. Dogs who carry extra weight put more stress on their joints, exacerbating arthritis pain. As a result, they aren't able to stay as active as they did in the past. This inactivity leads to further weight gain, the and cycle continues.

Because your pet is usually older and less active at the time arthritis develops, his or her calorie needs may be much lower than they were in the past. However, very few pet owners adjust the amount of food fed to reflect this change. The feeding guidelines on food bags usually overestimate the amount that most dogs need and most dogs require much less. Smaller meals and limited treats or human food can achieve this. There are also prescription diets formulated for weight loss and joint health that useful in overweight arthritic dogs.

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