Treatment Name: Diagnostic Tests: Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Treatment Type: Diagnostic Procedures

Rated for: Labrador Retriever

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Easy to use
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Helps to evaluate basic function.

Jennifer Peters DVM DABVP canine and feline



Grass Valley, California, United States

Posted Jun. 20, 2018

A CBC is helpful to evaluate how much inflammation/infection is spread throughout the body. Any time a tumor is suspected it helps to determine the severity of impact on the body. At times a bone marrow evaluation is needed to fully assess the immune system but a CBC is a simple not invasive start.
CBC should be done on patients that will be receiving medications as well as things like anemia can affect the decision to use them. This is part of the basic work up for finding a tumor in your pet. It's a small blood sample, generally easy to get and painless for your dog.

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