Treatment Name: Hygiene: Flea Combing

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Products

Rated for: American Pit Bull Terrier / Doberman Pinscher Mix

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Amanda Clark



Riverside, New Jersey, United States

Posted Jun. 15, 2018

The flea comb is an excellent tool
to check both dogs and cats for fleas.
This comb has teeth that are closer
together; so it gets very "nitty-gritty"
and combs through every hair slowly.

It may take you about 20 minuets or more
to comb your dog with the flea comb, but it
will show you whether or not your pet has flea
and ticks and you can get most of them off with
the comb. However, if you do spot fleas and flea
dirt, please take your dog to the vet ASAP!
combing your dog with a flea comb is not a cheaper
nor an efficient way to keeping your dog free of flea and ticks.
Your dog still needs to be on flea and tick medication.

However, this comb is great for removing
dead hair and for revealing fleas and ticks.
If your dog is already on medicine for flea and ticks,
what you might be seeing in the comb are dead fleas and ticks.
If you ever find fleas alive on the dog, while they're on medicine,
then it's not working and you need to call the vet and ask them
for a different flea and tick treatment brand.

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