Treatment Name: Shampoos (Insecticide): Fleas and Ticks

Treatment Type: Antiparasitics

Rated for: Maine Coon

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Cape Coral, Florida, United States

Posted Jun. 12, 2018

Flea and tick shampoo works well if you find your pet to have an outbreak of fleas. However, it can not be used alone to treat the problem. If your pet has fleas, you need to get rid of them everywhere, not just the ones living on your pet at the moment.

The first step would be to give them a bath with flea shampoo. This would kill of any of the living fleas that are on them. Use a flea comb to get out as many of the fleas and eggs as possible. Then treat your pet with a flea medication, that way any living fleas left, or any eggs that hatch, will die as soon as they bite your pet. You also will have to do a thorough cleaning of your house and any bedding that your pet lays on. Vacuum carpets, wash pet bedding, and spray furniture with a household flea spray.

So while flea shampoo works well, it only is meant for a starting point to rid your pet of fleas.

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