Treatment Name: Surgical Procedures: Abscess Draining

Treatment Type: Medical and Surgical Procedures

Rated for: American Quarter Horse

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Draining Hoof Abscess

Casie Bazay



Posted Aug. 29, 2017

I've dealt with hoof abscesses several times over the years and while I used to take my horse to the vet and have them drained (on occasion), I no longer do this. Drilling a hole in the bottom of the hoof in order to allow an abscess to drain not only compromises the integrity of the hoof sole, but also increases the risk of infection. I now make the horse as comfortable as I can (with pain relievers, hoof boots, soft bedding, etc.) and allow the abscess to drain on it's own. There are some instances where a vet may be needed when a horse has abscessed, but many times, the hoof will heal on it's own.

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