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Tallahassee, Florida, United States

Posted Aug 06, 2019

I love my possum don't get me wrong but it takes a certain kind of person to deal with these guys. I have rescued, raised and released 20+ possums at this point and only one has had a personality that stole my heart. They don't really love being handled and are not cuddly. I personally find them adorable at any stage of life but plenty of people don't. They are hard to feed as there is not really a commercially available complete food for them on the market. There is a lot of cooking, blending and chopping involved. Not to mention having to carefully watch their intake of calcium and phosphorous so as to prevent MBD. They are less excited to see you and "just happy to be involved" kinds of animals does not want to be held but likes to be included and in the same area you are. This is not the type of animal you can cage and go to work they need to be out and moving a lot ( mine loves his cat tree and spends most of his day there everyday) and can be litter box trained. ive never had a problem with this and Simon very rarely has accidents but i hear others have trouble. Their poops are HUGE and they will poop/pee when ever their feet are in water which makes bath time a process. i still bath mine every 2 weeks or so he dose not like it but tolerates it and get a piece of banana after. This is NOT a kid friendly animal. They have super sharp claws ( i grind simons) and 50 teeth that will not hesitate if they are handled wrong of annoyed. i handle mine a lot and he has stayed really friendly and spoiled. They are the kind of pet you watch and appreciate. Mine still loves being on my shoulders while i do house work though he is way to big for it and they can be genuinly sweet loving animals if you' re lucky and they are raised right and you have a good bit of experience and knowledge. I would not tell anyone to try to raise very small babies with out a mentor if you find babies smaller that 7 inches from nose to rump please find someone/ an orgnization to take care of them. I love possums and have a great appreciation for their many super powers and very unique personalities. if you are not passionate about the animal and are not ready to invest lots of time love and money into something that will live maybe 3 years and for the most part not cuddle do not get a possum.

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Really interesting! A very honest explanation of how challenging it is to keep a possum.

August 6th, 2019 at 09:34 pm