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4115, Philippines

Posted May 31, 2016

I acquired my first two guinea pigs (Teddy guinea pigs) last year as a gift from a friend. I am fond of them but later on realized that they are quite aggressive (they used to bit my fingers) so I had to put them in an empty aquarium with shredded wood beddings.

Weeks past, I started to notice that the female guinea pig is irritated to the male guinea pig. She started to run away and attack the male guinea pig for some reason. I asked from friend why it's happening and she said it is because the female guinea pig is pregnant. She instructed me to separate the male guinea pig into another shelter because pregnant guinea pigs wants to be alone while expecting.

After 2 months, my guinea pig gave birth to 5 pups. I can't believe they are smaller than gummies. Since guinea pigs are cat's favorite, I had to secure their aquarium with screen on top.

One day, I scooped out one of the pup using my hand. When I put back the pup inside the aquarium, the mother started to attacked and rip the pup until it die. I couldn't believed she did that, I was so shocked. Then I found out that once a mother guinea pig smelled human scent on any of their pups she will kill it.

After 2 months, the guinea pigs breed with each other and that's when I started to sell their pups in a pet store because I couldn't have so many guinea pigs at home. My space is not enough to put up shelters so I have to sell them away.

In totally, I could say that Teddy guinea pigs are not high maintenance kind of pet. All you need is a good shelter with paper or wood shredding, water container and food container on it. They also need a playing area because they are so energetic and aggressive. If you want to sell them go ahead because they are marketable.

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