Syrian Hamster

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Plantersville, Texas, United States

Posted Jan 06, 2019

When we were about 12 or 13, we decided to get hamsters as an easy little pet and enjoyed the idea of making big tunnel mazes for them to enjoy around the room. Let me tell you, they were nothing we expected! The plastic tubing and cage was pointless. They would run about the cage or on the squeaky wheel all hours of the night. They then decided it would be fun to, instead of chewing on the provided toys and such, they would chew on the plastic edges, wheel, and tunnel pieces with no end in sight until there were holes in the entire cage. These little guys ended up escaping constantly because of this. We ultimately had to put them in an aquarium to try to keep them in. Even this didn't work. They ended up piling things together to reach the top and pushed on the lid to chew through it and escaped again. This time they were gone forever.We never found them again unfortunately. We were devastated. We tried our best to give them the best environment possible, but nothing was good enough. Other than this, they were super sweet and great cuddle buddies. They were easy to feed and the cage was pretty easy to keep clean. I loved them but I'm not entirely sure whether I would own one again or not. I would not recommend a hamster as a pet for children to have sole responsibility over as they can be a little difficult to handle and need supervision. They can be pretty bitey as well and must be treated with care and gently. Their habitat can get pricey too depending on how much space you want or need to give them to run around, but I tell you right now, they won't be happy with a tiny cage and if that's all you can give them, I suggest going for something else as these are very active, nocturnal critters. I also suggest keeping them in a secluded place that your other pets can't go. Dogs and cats really stress them out. Please also, for their health, provide appropriate veggies on top of their pelleted food as the pelleted food is only so good and not enough nutrition alone for their diet. This pet is not recommended for anyone who is a first time pet owner in my opinion as they can be pretty needy.

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