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Cocoa the hamster


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Posted Dec 19, 2014

When I was about 10 years old, we had a pet hamster. This was our first real pet, besides a few fish we had in a small bowl. Our first hamster died after only 2 weeks of us owning him, which was very sad for us. Me and my brothers convinced our parents to get a new hamster, which we named Cocoa. This hamster lived for over a year, so we grew much more attached to Cocoa. He was a very cute hamster, but was not the easiest pet to take care of.

As many pet owners know, cleaning out the cage of any pet is never fun. As a young girl, cleaning out the hamster cage was not fun in any sense of the word. It smelled bad, and involved spraying a hose all over the cage, cleaning out the poop, then wiping it down, adding new bedding, and putting in new food. Of course cleaning cages is necessary for almost every pet, but in my opinion, cleaning a hamsters cage was a lot of work and was not a good time.

Also, our hamster was pretty rambunctious. It escaped from it's cage too many times to count, I don't even know how it got out. But, every time without fail, it would find it's way into the air ducts of our basement and roam around for days. We would leave a trial of food leading back to the cage, and every time he escaped, he thankfully made it back in the cage. This is probably uncommon for other hamster pet owners, as I have not heard many stories about hamsters escaping from their cages. But if it does happen, do not panic- just leave a food trail!

Next, Cocoa was very loud. Here's a tip I urge you to take very seriously- don't keep your pet hamster in your bedroom. I tried this for a few nights, and the whole night Cocoa either ran on his wheel- which made a horrible high pitched squeaky noise, as well as the noise of his little feet on the wheel- or, he chewed on the metal cage. I'm not sure why he chose to chew so loudly on the metal, but trust me, it is not a sound you want to go to sleep to.

So, hamsters are definitely some of the cutest little animals you can have as pets, and are so fun to play with and pet, but as you can see in my experience, there are a few cons to owning a hamster.

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