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Murdock the Escape Hamster


United States

Posted Jul 04, 2014

Murdock was a teddy bear hamster. A friend gave her to me and I named her after Murdock from the A-Team. She promptly gave birth to a few babies. The ones that survived became Face, Hannibal & BA. She was a very clean animal. My dad would carry her around in the front pocket of his shirt. Like all hamsters she did not like being handled and loved spending hours attempting to escape from her house. She was so good at it. I was constantly finding the door open and her and the rest of the team missing. I spent our entire relationship devising more and more elaborate ways to keep her in her habitat. She in turn would come up with more and more cunning ways to escape. I really loved how smart she was. It was a fun game. Scary game too since I was always worried the dog would get her.

She was in great health. Easy to feed. Easy to handle once she was out in the open. Not a biter which was great. Hamsters do like to bite. She died of old age. I still miss her sometimes when my guinea pig Dale starts planning his great escapes.

Hamsters are often considered a starter pet. In a lot of ways they are because they don't love you like dogs, cats and most other pets will. As long as their food bowls are full and they have water, they're happy. Since they're nocturnal, they're usually sleepy when kids want to hang out with them. But if you give them a wheel and a cool habit trail they are super fun to watch. Unfortunately they are fragile and can be easily crushed or killed because of falls from their owner's hands. They bite sometimes thinking your finger is food and that leads to being flung away too. Honestly I loved growing up with hamsters but would never recommend them for children. They are awesome little grumps.

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