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Al the sweet hamster


Kansas, United States

Posted Sep 09, 2013

I've owned only a few hamsters in my life, but my favorite was definitely Al. He was such a sweetheart and oh so furry! His parents were classroom pets and we were given Al as a baby.

Hamsters are a very easy and fun animal to own! We always made sure that our hamster cage had a wheel in order for Al to get some great exercise! Making sure they have plenty of water and food everyday is a must and also regular cleanings of their cage.

We also invested in a hamster ball for Al which he absolutely loved! It looks like a see-through globe with a lid. You take the lid off, put your hamster inside, close the lid and off they go! Al could explore the entire house in the safety of his hamster ball! It's definitely a must have "toy" if you decide to get a hamster!

Hamsters are good pets for kids because they are so active and it can help teach kids responsibility.

If you have cats and/or dogs in the house...watch out! Hamsters look like tasty treats to a cat or dog, so keeping the hamster's cage out of reach or in a blocked off room to your cat/dog is very important.

I can't remember exactly how long we had Al, it was such a long time ago. I believe we had him for 4 years, maybe longer maybe not, I'm not sure. It's been years since I've owned a hamster, but I would love to own one again. I would prefer to get one as a baby so that I would know how old it was and be able to train it to be comfortable around me and my family.

I don't have a digital photo of Al and all my other pictures are packed away, but this picture looks similar to what Al looked like. He was completely black/gray with lots of wispy fur! Photo credit goes to: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Black_hamster.png

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