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Sanford, Maine, United States

Posted Feb 26, 2019

I got my much beloved rabbit, Vulcan, last April at 3 months old. Vulcan is actually a silver fox/angora mix...the breeder's son let some of her rabbits loose, and stuff happened. You could say he's an accident...a very HAPPY accident!

To me, Vulcan is one of the sweetest animals you can come across. I have to play with him in a dog playpen to prevent him from chewing on any wires, and if I try to get up he usually proceeds to excitedly circle my feet; should I leave the playpen anyway he waits for me to come back by sitting at the edge of the playpen. He is a spaz who does a lot of 'binkying' (excitedly hopping into the air without warning, often turning partway in the process) and other goofy things. To catch our attention, he will grab small objects (such as sticks) and start running around with them. He's a great guy!

Which brings me to his chief flaw...he's a GUY rabbit. Vulcan is not fixed yet, and as a result he regularly tries to hump the arm of whoever is playing with him. In addition, while he is mostly litter box trained, putting him in a new environment (my bed, as I learned the hard way) may result in him peeing on it to mark it, and he tends to leave the occasional rabbit poo while playing outside his cage to mark his territory. Both of these habits should go away with neutering, but neutering a rabbit typically costs several hundred dollars - an expense you should consider when getting a rabbit.

There are a few more minor gripes to mention. Many rabbits - Vulcan included - love being stroked but HATE being picked up and will struggle wildly if you try. This also means you will usually need help to get their nails trimmed (I bring Vulcan to a local pet store that offers small animal services). Finally, Vulcan seems to have bonded primarily to me; although he isn't aggressive to anyone, he is much less active and funny when other people try to play with him. Granted, my mom and sister don't spend as much time with him, but it's possible that at least some bunnies prefer just one person to bond with.

All in all, I am very fond of Vulcan, even though this review sounded a tad negative. Just know what you are getting into and you and your rabbit can be very happy together :)

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