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Hammy & Porkchop


United Kingdom

Posted Jul 17, 2015

My girlfriend wanted to get a hamster. And I agreed, they are cute and are fairly easy to look after. We ended up with two. And she of course named them ‘Hammy’ and ‘Porkchop.’ Which all my friends at work love to wind me up about. I should never have told them I have hamsters…

Hammy was always the shy one. He would rarely come out and greet us. Porkchop always would. So there were two examples of personalities. One shy, and one would happily take food from out of your hand.

We bought all the stuff we needed, a cage with bars that are very close together, otherwise they will get out, and they run so fast, you’ll probably never catch them. And also the other essentials, water bottles, always keep the same food they have been fed from where you have got them from. OR you can slowly transition by mixing in the new with the old. Soft bedding, a smaller wheel and a couple of things for them to chew on. And plenty of things for them to run around. And remember to clean them once a week! Using hamster friendly cleaning products.

The pair of them gave us hours of amusement, we have a wheel that is near horizontal and they would run at opposite sides to each other, almost helping each other to get the wheel moving. And Porkchop would let you gently stroke him and he would even sit in your hand if you didn’t move too suddenly when picking him up.

And Hammy soon came out of his shell once he adapted to the both of us. He would take food from our hands and come up to the bars to greet us. You have to give them time to adapt to you, or you’ll just scare them and shake them up.

And a strong piece of advice… Don’t get them if you have a cat. Believe me, cats are determined buggers. Two incidents of my girlfriend’s parent’s cat tipping the cage off the table lead me to now banning the cat from the living room where they live. Because she will not leave them alone.
Unfortunately, Porkchop passed away after nine months, we don’t know why. And we’re a little suspicious. Hammy is looking very happy and is very energetic…

That leads me to say, if they start fighting, they need separate cages. Be ready for that.

Overall, great little pets if you treat them right and stay calm around them. No sudden noises, and let them sit in your hand for a while, watch over if you have young children as they can be heavy handed. Feed them from your hand too and they’ll grow used to you. They are no high maintenance, but can be if you have a cat that likes to jump all over the cage!

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