Siberian Dwarf Hamster

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United Kingdom

Posted Aug 27, 2014

A had one of these hamsters as my very first pet and went on to own a few more several years later. I'm not sure they're an ideal breed for children as they can be a little teeth-happy and aren't always very happy to be handled, which I'm not sure I was always sensitive to as a child, resulting in more than a few nipped fingers.

However, they do have the most beautiful coats and I'm not sure I've ever seen a fat Siberian Dwarf as they are relentlessly active. They do seem to be quite strongly nocturnal and need a huge amount of space to exercise and play. Part of the fun is how active they are though, mine used to hang from the bars by just his front paws and climb all around the circular cage like that and absolutely loved trying to run/eat his way through any of the hamster mazes he was provided with.

Owning one did nearly give me a few heart attacks though, particularly when I had one at the same time as a cat. I have no idea how but they are absolute experts at escape. Consider your cage very carefully! Plastic ones are a dreadful idea as they will just chew their way through and they are very good at fitting through the smallest of gaps.

I think these are probably about as fun as owning a hamster will ever be, they're lively, like to keep you on your toes. They don't seem very sociable, even with hamsters of the same breed though, so be very careful when keeping any in the same cage (or even in cages near each other - one of my particularly aggressive ones did not appreciate even having neighbours!)

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