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Brandon, Florida, United States

Posted Jan 04, 2019

I grew up taking care of Teddy Bear hamsters and I absolutely adored them, my only grievance was that I could only have one at a time. So after my hamster Goliath passed, I was at a reptile show and saw dwarf hamsters. When I realized I could have multiple little balls of joy I was so excited.... and then I brought them home.

My most common endearment for them was "the spawns of Satan." Out of the three I had there was only one who was semi decent and friendly and unfortunately, I believe that was the cause of his death. One morning I woke up only to find, Captain Jack, my favorite hamster, not only dead, but missing his throat. Technically, he may have died and then been attacked, but I personally feel as though he was targeted due to the fact that the two others lived obnoxiously long lives.

While they may not require a huge cage, they most definitely do better with more space. The more space they have to run, the more crevices they have to explore and burrow in and in my hamsters cases the more tubes they have to fling themselves down, the better.

Thankfully, their diet is super low maintenance and they really just require some mixed seeds and water and you're good to go. Their cages are really easy to clean as well, it usually just requires swapping out their bedding and cleaning up whatever bedding may have fallen out of the cage. Though the hamsters themselves may be too energetic for their own good, and therefore hand to handle, they're very easy for kids to clean up after and care for.

I personally cannot recommend them. Other people may have had much better experiences with them than I did, but in my opinion, if you want a hamster, go with literally any other breed.

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