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Pierre the Roborovski hamster


United States

Posted Aug 09, 2015

I am going to share my experience with a very special little Roborovski hamster my daughter named Pierre. His coloring was not typical of most Roborovski hamsters, as he was mostly white, with a bit of grey mixed into his fur. His fur was quite sparse, in fact, and he was actually in an adoption cage at Petco because no one had wanted to buy him at full price. They figured he was just a very old hamster. I figured he was born a little different, and that his health was never robust. When I saw him, I knew I had to bring him home and make sure he was taken care of and loved. He never gained weight, no matter how much he ate. His little legs were extremely thin. I often said he looked like he'd been pulled through a keyhole backwards, but, to me, that only made him all the more lovable. He got cold very easily, no matter how much bedding he was given, and I gave him lots of tissues to build his little bed out of. In fact, at one point he started to go into such deep hibernation, that if I hadn't put him into a small container, covered him and then nestled him into my electric blanket, he would have died. I had to keep a close watch on the little guy. He did love to run in his wheel, though, and was very active. He ate well and drank well, too. He was also very good about being handled from the time I brought him home, and never bit me, once. In fact, he was quite a sweet-tempered little guy. Pierre did not live for even a year, but the experience of having him for a pet is one of the best I've ever had, and I will never regret bringing him home. I still miss him and he will always have a special place in my heart. I highly recommend this breed of hamster, in fact, but suggest you may want to get one that is healthy from the beginning, unless you are a softy like me, who takes care of the hammies no one else seems to want.

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