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She's Skittish, but oh so cute.



Posted Jun 19, 2015

First things first : I love my hamster. I love her to be spinning in her wheel or to be digging tunnels. She’s insanely cute and tiny; just a peek of her makes me feel warm and fuzzy. That being said, this level of activity and tiny cuteness might not be for everyone.

I actually researched roborovski hamsters after we bought her (first “mistake”) in a pet shop (wouldn’t have done that if we had researched before; but as it is, it was a decent pet store). The clerk asked us which breed we liked best; we expressed indecision, but he did not come forward with any breed characteristics to help us make a choice. We went ahead and picked the cutest dwarf hamster, and then any random hamster from the lot. If you guy are on this site, you’re doing your homework proper; we didn’t. What this guy should have told us (or what we should have known from research) is this: roborovskis never really get bigger, they have the longest lifespan for hamsters (three years on average), they are the fastest breed and the most active (so much running!)… and they are quite wild too, a bit hard to “domesticate”. Meaning: not necessarily the best pet for kids who would actually want to play with them (it’s a long process to get them to be used to you and climb on your hands freely; patience and treats must be part of the deal), OR for light sleepers who will hear the wheel spinning as they run (hamsters are night active), no matter that it is a “silent” model. For this that they are tiny, they also need a lot of space – a big aquarium or a huge cage – and it needs to have proper aeration , lest their habitat starts smelling!

As for me, I’m fine with the fact that if I want her to come close to me, I need to present sunflower seeds and wait a while. I also happen to love the sound of her wheel spinning as I go to sleep – it’s pretty relaxing.

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