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Texas, United States

Posted Feb 04, 2013

My boyfriend and I recently purchased a Robo Dwarf Hamster from Petsmart. We were looking for a rodent (my boyfriend wanted a chinchilla) but we wanted something easy to care for and small. We are beginner rodent owners (previously only cats and dogs) and our Jeffrey is working out great!

At first he was very skittish and only tried to run away from human contact. After a few days of sitting in the bathtub with him and letting him get used to human contact he now lets us hold him and doesn't try to run away anymore. He is very entertaining and our dog and cat love to follow him around while he travels the house in his ball.


They are small, only grow to about four inches and are almost weightless.
They don't require a huge cage (unless you have more than one).
They are clean. Only have to clean the cage about every week.
They are low cost to own, a 3 lb bag of food will last forever. They are also inexpensive themselves (only $13 at Petsmart).
They are soft and don't bite. Jeffrey has only nipped me once (and it didn't really hurt).
They are quiet, I've barely heard him make a peep the whole time we have had him.


They are FAST! Would not recommend to anyone under ten or eleven years old because they can be hard to contain and are jumpers.
They are nocturnal. You can adapt them to become diurnal, but that takes some training. They run in their wheel constantly at night, but if you don't get a squeaky wheel it's not an issue.
They only live 2-3 years.
Different sex pairs are not a good idea, they only get along well with same sex pairs.
They require work before warming up to you. They are not immediate fans of being held or touched.
The urine does smell and they will poop all over you if you're holding them.

Overall, we are very satisfied with our purchase of our robo dwarf Jeffrey. He is super fun to watch and is very active, plus our dog and cat love to watch him run around. This hamster is the perfect choice for a beginner rodent owner, definitely suggest purchasing one!

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