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Plantersville, Texas, United States

Posted Jan 05, 2019

We were at the local horse auction to buy my sister her first horse as I already had one myself and there was a breeder selling some rabbits for pets. I, of course, was drawn to her and found that she had a blue (Grey blue) rabbit and fell in love. My dad ended up buying him for me and I was ecstatic. We brought him home and set him up in a cage that we built. I spent time with him every day and found out how smart he was. I was able to teach him to jump over obstacles, sit, lie down, use a litter box, basically a lot of what you could teach a dog or cat, he could do. Because he was able to use a litter box, I was able to start bringing him inside. He would watch TV with me, torment the dogs, and hang out with my friends and I. He was really a part of the family. His cage was super easy to keep clean, and feeding him, although a little pricey, was very easy to do. He had a short coat, so brushing was quick and he didn't have to be bathed very often. At the time, he was my best little companion and always confused people when I would tell them I had a blue bunny. He got fairly large and required lots of hay to keep his teeth from growing too long. He wasn't the best at letting you clip his nails and hated his ears being cleaned, but otherwise, not a difficult pet to keep. Fit right into our household. I still miss him as we lost him because a neighbor's dog broke into our backyard and tore apart his hutch. I highly suggest getting a very sturdy cage for your rabbit if you get one and live in an area where dogs are common.

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