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United States

Posted Apr 26, 2013

Rocky Raccoon showed up one morning when she was about 2 months old and has stayed around ever since. We have a Black Lab mix and four cats and they seem to all get along. Although over the years Rocky has taught the others to respect her without doing any real damage.
We let her eat with the others but try not to interact with her two much. She will climb up on my lap to be petted just like the cats do. Anyone else she avoids or walks off if they come up.
We have to be careful when children are around to make sure she stays in her hollow log in the woods but she usually does.
If they get into your house they are going to explore every cupboard, cabinet and closet. Most of the time raccoons climb in the cabinets by pushing things out. It is amazing how far flower scatters when they push a canister of it out of an upper cabinet.
You need to remember if a raccoon decides to do something you generally are not going to change its mind. It just waits for the right opportunity or for you to turn your back to do what it wants to.
Any time I pet her I check to make sure I have all my fingers when I get through and we watch for suspicious activity because of the rabies problems. If you have one around make sure your animals are all up on there rabies shoots to prevent problems.
They are very cute and interesting to watch but I do not recommend anyone make pets out of them.
If you are lucky enough to have one bond with you it is a wonderful experience but Do Not try to make a pet out of them. Respect them and remember they are a wild animal that bites when mad or scared.

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