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Toby - rabbit who thought he was a dog


Pennsylvania, United States

Posted Jan 07, 2014

Toby was my best friend for 11 years. I got him in May of 2002 just a week after my other rabbit died. He was a sweet, soft, 1lb ball of fur. I got him from a local pet store before I knew about rabbit rescues. He looked like a little baby wild bunny and had the sweetest most friendly personality of any rabbit I have ever known. He was very quickly litter trained and taught himself to fetch. He came when called, danced for cookies, raided the garbage, stole food, tormented the dog. One time, he even snuck into my brother's room and stole a bag of pretzels. I looked up the stairs and see him dragging this bag of pretzels that was as big as he was, out of my brother's room and into mine. He also liked to steal my tooth brush and play with hangers. He jumped up into bed with me until he was 8 years old and his arthritis got too bad for him to jump. If I didn't get up early enough to feed him, he would get his bell toys and keep picking them up and throwing them until I fed him breakfast.

I housed him in a dog crate, an ex-pen and eventually had hi free run in my bedroom. He never chewed carpet, wires, wood or anything. This is not typical of rabbits in general. Of the hundreds of rabbits I have had or fostered only a few never chewed anything. I had to say goodbye to my boy this past June. He had an elongated tooth root issue that was inoperable. It caused his periodic episodes where his eye would water, his nose would be runny and crusted and he drooled excessively as well. It got to the point where he was unable to eat. He was also in renal failure. It was one of the hardest thins I have ever had to do. Even as they were putting him to sleep he was trying to eat the goldfish crackers I had brought with us. Unfortunately, tooth issues are very common in rabbits as is renal failure.

Rabbits in general are chewers and need to be confined in a rabbit proofed area. If they are crated, they need to be let out to run and stretch their legs for at least 4 hours daily. It is also advised to have your rabbit spayed/neutered around 5 months to prevent aggression issues and aid in litter training. I think rabbits in general make great pets and mini rexes are said to be the most intelligent. They are not good starter pets though and can be very costly. They are also not good pets for children as they are fragile and often skittish.

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