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Did we adopt a rabbit, or did we adopt a professional cuddling machine?


United Kingdom

Posted Jun 28, 2016

Meet Kara. Our personal rabbit cuddling machine.

No, seriously though, I don't think I've ever handled a rabbit so affectionate. We adopted her in February this year from a breeder, and after about a day of settling in, she just wouldn't leave my side! She would literally stomp her feet and take a strop if I were to leave her for two minutes, so it's safe to say I felt loved.

Despite how warming the attention was, we did sort of have to remind her that was in fact a rabbit, not a cuddling machine. Since she would spend so much time on our laps, and generally just being lazy, we did implement some restrictions where we wouldn't allow her to sit on our laps and be stroked & cuddled for TOO long, just to remind her now and again that she was a rabbit, and she had to be active now and again!

After a fair few strops and stomps, she did start becoming more active, and less dependant on us for giving her pleasure. That's not to say that we abandoned her completely, obviously. We still love the little cuddles and kisses she gives us all the time, but rabbits aren't made to be mollycoddled and treated like toys.

With all that said though, she's an absolute gem and we love her to pieces. Never have we dealt with a rabbit so exceptionally warm and friendly, and obviously while not all Mini Lops are going to be like that, we've dealt with a few and can confidently recommend them to anyone looking to adopt a rabbit :)

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