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Molly, quiet & insecure


16860, Sweden

Posted Mar 09, 2016

We got Molly to keep our other rabbit, Willy (a male Mini Rex), company. We had gotten willy 2 years earlier, and he was sterilized. We had them in the same cage, and they got along well. Molly was the quiet & shy one, and would often stay in the cage even when we opened it. She mostly seemed anxious, barely caused any noise and was very calm. You could have her on your chest when you were watching TV but we had trouble finding things she found interesting. Eventually we moved to a house where we had an outdoor pen that they could both be in, something like 5 square meters in area. We had alot of fun making it as good for them as possible, constructing various obstacles & sunscreens. They lived there for the most part during the summers, and we would keep them indoors during the cold season.
Being outside in the pen during the summer was unfortunately what caused her to have her accident and to break both her hind legs. Our neighbours had a dog that had somehow escaped from their house and jumped across our fence into our garden when we were away. The dog had been barking & rattling the cage, scaring Molly so much that she jumped so hard she broke both her hind legs causing us to have to put her down. Willy, our other rabbit, didn't show any sign of behaviour/physical change because of this. It was very sad, but something to keep in mind if you have an anxious rabbit - make sure they don't get in touch with barking dogs and things that can scare them, to avoid this from happening.

Overall she was good company for our other rabbit, just a little shy & calm and we would probably have preferred a rabbit that had a little more energy. After Molly passed away Willy seemed low on energy for some time but eventually seemed to recover and we had him until he died of natural causes.

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