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Posted Oct 18, 2015

Sirius is a diva. And we love him. He will sit on instructions if he thinks you aren't paying him enough attention. But he will also run up next to where you're sitting and flop down beside you. The most exercise he does is running toward a snack. Oh, and he poops. A lot. More than you think he will. More than you'll think is possible. I'm told 300 pellets a day. I think that's on the low side.

We've used soft litter before, but he started to pick his potty up and throw it. So, right now we're using dog training pads. And they're working fairly well.

He's a picky eater. Pickier than he used to be, at least. And because of that, we had to take him to the vet. He wouldn't eat the pellets in his mixed food, and too much calcium accumulated in his bladder. This can be a BIG problem for male rabbits. So we had to start giving him more fresh veggies like kale, cilantro, parsley, low-sugar dried cranberries, arugala, and green-leaf lettuce. Oh, and he loves bananas. So very much. He has this happy twitch while he's eating a slice of banana. Very cute.

Advice if you want a rabbit:
1) Make sure they have someplace to feel safe. Sometimes this means a chair to hide under, sometimes it means a cage to keep out other pets.
2) Give them plenty of Timothy Hay, found at all pet stores. Some bunnies get picky about which types of hay they will eat. Buy small bags until you find the right one. AVOID ALFALFA.
3) When we gave our rabbits food that had seeds and carrot chips mixed in with the pellets, they stopped eating the pellets altogether.
4) Never give a rabbit iceberg lettuce or spinach. Most other kinds of lettuce are fine. Do a bit of research, and you'll thank yourself later.
5) Protect the edges of walls or furniture from stray nibbles. You should be able to find hard plastic covers at your local hardware store. Also get some wood chews that your bunny can chew on without worry.
6) Get them used to a pet pad or soft litter box ASAP.

My wife feels that rabbits are the best pets ever. They're certainly as good as some dogs, and friendlier than most cats.

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