Long-Tailed Chinchilla

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Tampa, Florida, United States

Posted Dec 14, 2016

Chinchillas can be a very rewarding pet for lovers of exotic or small rodents. Similar in stature to a common squirrel, Chinchillas are larger than many other rodents kept by enthusiasts, and require more specific care to keep happy and satisfied with their environment, an unappealing nuance that might be a hurdle for some owners accustomed with a low maintenance rodent. A few tips and tricks may keep your Chinchillas much happier with their surroundings, other pets, and you! In our case, we kept two chinchillas in a very large enclosure in our backyard. They enjoyed being outdoors and preferred to come out into the open around twilight, another con for pet owners looking for rodents that are active during the day. Our chinchillas stayed relatively hidden most of the time, and often objected to being handled or held, especially by touchy children. When they did come out, however, they were delightful to watch. They groom often and require special powder to keep their coats soft. Be sure to have an excess of this powder before purchasing any chinchillas! Feeding them was also an enjoyable time for our family as they are very animated when presented with food, mainly vegetables. Always carry some carrots, celery, or cucumber slices to feed them when guests inquire about their appearance. They always came out of hiding for treats! Lastly, make sure their enclosure is large enough to keep them happy and stress-free. Our particular enclosure was 8 feet wide by 10 feet high, made from wood, plastic, and chicken wire, and featured many slides, steps, and plenty of chewable objects. There are several tutorials online concerning how to build a proper enclosure. If you are up to a bit of a challenge, chinchillas are a very rewarding pet!

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