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No Two Rabbits Are Alike


CP 76000, Mexico

Posted Mar 24, 2015

My experiences with rabbits have been more wildly varied than my experiences with any other type of pet. I have had smart rabbits and rabbits that frankly seemed a little dim. I have had rabbits who were affectionate and companionable, and others who, despite my best efforts, could not have cared less about people. I have had rabbits who litter trained perfectly, and others who would not litter train at all. I don't know what generalizations I can make about rabbits!

My last bunny, Benjamin, was not my best experience. He was a Korean store-bought rabbit. I am placing him in the Dwarf Hotot category because, if he was not one, he was a dead ringer for the breed. He was about the cutest ball o' fluff you'd ever want to see.

His bonding potential turned out to be about medium at best, which was somewhat of a disappointment. He liked to try playing with the extremely mellow Birman cat I owned at the time, and she was fairly tolerant about it.

I wanted to have Benjamin neutered, but it turned out that his testes were not descended, so it would have been a risky, expensive operation. His elimination habits, which the operation might have helped with, were a big problem. He failed to litter train altogether. He not only peed inappropriately, he SPRAYED. It was challenging.

One morning Benjamin suddenly seemed a little listless and off his food, and by the time I got home that evening he was dead; there wasn't even time to get him to the vet. The probable culprit was rabbit hemorrhagic fever, which is a very sudden and distressingly common killer that can be contracted through a bug bite. (I was also told by experienced hands that these Korean store rabbits are fragile at best.)

I felt sad, of course, but to be honest, it was not the first time I'd suffered a sudden rabbit death. In my experience, rabbits have not been the hardiest pets; just about anything can carry them off. A rabbit can be startled by a dog and drop dead on the spot of a heart attack - this actually happened to me on another occasion. So as delightful as the best rabbits CAN be, I think that I have sworn them off as future companions.

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