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Brandon, Florida, United States

Posted Jan 04, 2019

Growing up we had two rabbits, a Holland lop and a Lionhead. While both were beautiful they were definitely two different temperaments. Our Holland lop was always so much easier to handle and much less skittish.

While I was disillusioned about rabbits as pets, I will say Cookie wasn’t a bad pet, just mainly uninterested in anything to do with us. She’d tolerate being handled for a little while and then she’d slightly nip to let you know she was done.

One cool thing about her was that when we let her run around our lanai she always made sure to go back to her cage to use the bathroom. But a major con was the fact that a lot of times, due to her slightly longer fur, her poop would get stuck to the fur around her butt and I’d have to soak her every couple of days to get her really clean. As you can imagine, she didn’t exactly care for being soaked but she was calm enough that we got through those little grooming sessions.

Cages should be quite large and rabbits do need a house or some sort of hide away in their cage but most importantly they need plenty of time outside of their cages to run around, sniff and explore. While they can survive off of feed they really should be eating a diverse diet. They need fresh veggies, like carrots and lettuce. Hay is also a wonderful snack that they really appreciate and a salt lick is also a great treat for them.

Different breeds have very different temperments and I would make sure to do a lot of research before choosing which one to bring home. I dont' think you'd be dissapointed in a Holland Lop, but perosnally I'd rather have a pet rat.

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