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Jellee, Holland Lop


United States

Posted May 24, 2016

Jellee was very young when she came to be our baby. It really couldn't have happened at a better time. For months, I scoured the pet stores and sites looking for the right bunny. The funny thing is, she would take a little bit longer to find than that. We did find Moo though and after a few weeks with Moo, we knew he deserved a little pal, to be at his side through thick and thin, so we went on the hunt again. A few more weeks past and one day when we took Moo to meet a bunny, this ridiculously adorable lop baby, with both ears still up, took his heart.

Her ears didn't "break" fully until she was about 4 years old. The first ear fell around 2 and then slowly the last ear did. We still have pictures, so cute. Before she was spayed, she had a couple of false pregnancies where she would pull her dewlap fur out and try to make a nest. She was also very aggressive and just very unhappy. The day after she was spayed, it was like a weight was taken off her tiny shoulders. Since then, she's been oh so hoppy. They are prone to cancers and disruptions so spaying is more than a kindness for the moods and false pregnancies, it also a preventative for health.

Her weight has stayed between 3.2 and 3.5 pounds, she's not a hefty bunny despite the way her fur makes her look. She has long, thick fur with the extra skirt around the bottom that a lot of Holland Lops have. She has had little bouts of anemia where she just needs some extra vitamins now and then but it soon passes.

I remember asking my friend who was more familiar with rabbits at the time, if she was suppose to be making noises. Her reaction was horror, because they're not really supposed to make a lot of noises, it ususally means something bad. However, Jellee is actually very vocal. She sighs and makes an array of grunts. She also have specific "yes" noises when she's eating her favorite things or drinking water after a nap.

She has her own personality. She is friendly and easy to handle but also very independent so everything is on her terms. She wears her moods on her sleeve and will tell you if she doesn't like where you put something. She loves to bink around, although not as much as Moo. She tends to be a little bit lazy sometimes. She likes to lay down and just watch television and eat hay. Honestly, I think our world would be darker if not for her.

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