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Holland Lop - The Docile Ones


United States

Posted Jan 19, 2016

I've had a lot of rabbits, back when my wife bred show rabbits of several breeds, but my absolute favorite is the Holland Lop. They don't live long, rabbits being prey animals in nature and some professional breeders have inbred their lines so much that they may have some health problems, but they can be loving creatures and are fun to watch.

My favorite Holland Lop, Floppity, followed me around the house if I let her out and would sit by my feet, and "thump" if my wife kissed me! We thought it was a great game, and Floppity seemed to agree.

Holland Lops are pretty docile compared to many breeds, making them a great family pet. Diet is simple, they don't require huge cages, and if held often and early they have no problem being picked up (carefully). Mostly they sit and wiggle their noses but my kids never got tired of watching and talking to them. Best of all, unless they are badly injured or a predator is attacking them, they make almost no noise, just occasional little squeeks. You can even litter box train them! And if you give them their favorite treat (experiment!) they'll do a "dance" in their cage from happiness.

They don't live long, usually 3-6 years (sometimes longer). Drafts are terrible for their health, but otherwise they don't get sick much. So, they have to be kept indoors. They're clean animals, but you have to keep their cages clean or they can get matted foot hair and infected foot pads (best to give them a nesting box even if they aren't going to be bred, so they can rest their little feet). Also, they don't do a whole lot. Cute as buttons, but not very active usually.

All in all, if you want a cute, easy to care for pet that is quiet and friend and has simple maintenance needs (and can be litterbox trained), then consider a rabbit; if you have kids, strongly consider a Holland Lop!

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