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Sufgi the bunny


United States

Posted Aug 19, 2015

I had no idea what it meant to have a rabbit. I thought it would be easier than a dog or a cat. Boy, was I wrong!
I'm the type of person who would immediately put the animal's needs first, and it wasn't different with Sufgi. I immediately started reading a lot and educating myself on rabbit care. Rabbits are extremely sensitive and complex, require a lot of enrichment and space to run around, home proofing, and some discipline. Most of them are very sensitive and a lot don't even like being handled by humans at all. It's best to give them a room in the house or let them roam free- their territory is big and it's not like a cat, that just sits there. Bunnies need grooming, they need games and toys, they have very fragile health- especially if they come from a store and not a shelter. I was willing to do all that and more for my little rabbit, but even so, it was very hard having her. Rabbits are nocturnal, which means Sufgi would start digging around and biting her habitat bars in the middle of the night, making noise that would wake me up (she was in my room- I had roommates at the time). When unattended even for a few minutes, she would nibble on my shoes, clothes, electric cables- you name it! It's a known thing that rabbits will cause great damage to your possessions if you don't bunny- proof your home.
In conclusion- I loved my little girl. I did everything I could to make her happy, often at the expense of my own comfort. My review is not to discourage you from getting a rabbit; it is so that you know to read up before bringing one, and once you decide to adppt a rabbit, to make sure that you're fully aware of what it takes to give it a good life!

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