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Posted Mar 29, 2014

Butters was the most amazing pet I could have ever dreamed of. We discovered her at a pet store, the only bunny left, and somehow, my sister and talked my mother into purchasing her and her accoutrements. My father was at first less than pleased, but fell perhaps the hardest of all of us for this sweet darling animal. Bubsy spent as much time running around our home as she did in her crate, and loved to not only be pet an handled, but was intelligent enough to create her own sorts of games to play with us.

She was very eager to be touched, and would run over and lay her head in your hand, asking to be pet along her entire head and back. She would "hand dive" like a cat, rubbing against you for affection. She was also exceedingly generous with kisses, which was nothing but affectionate. A little sassy here and there, she would let you know if she was unhappy with anything. A sharp thump might let us know that something was wrong in her room, or even when she was just upset that there was too much bedding in her crate.

In the mornings, my mother would put Butters on the bed with me, where she would come up and kiss me awake. If I did not wake up in enough time, she would thump the bed next to me until I pulled her forward to cuddle. Then, if I was lucky, she would fall asleep with me for a few more minutes. Her biggest enemy was a monster hair clip. She would bark and throw it across the room in a heartbeat.

Loving and loyal, I wonder if I will ever have the same kind of love for a pet as I had for this little rabbit. If you do not have small children and live in a low stress environment, you will most likely find that a Holland Lop could be your sweetest baby, as well.

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