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Ghandi- 3-legged bunny


Pennsylvania, United States

Posted Jan 07, 2014

I was 17 years old and volunteering at my local SPCA when I first saw Ghandi. I actually thought he was dead. He was a skinny, dirty 3lb bag of bones. His ears were bloody and crusted with infection. He was so weak that he could not stand and we later found out that his left hind leg was shattered in three places. We ended up amputating it and he did very well on three legs for the first few months. Then I noticed that he was starting to lean on the left side. I had the exotics vet look him and his x-rays. The vet said it appeared that he had been born with a misalignment of his hips and pelvis. Once his leg was broken and then amputated, it became difficult for him to keep his hind end straight. Ghandi ate like a champ, but I struggled with keeping weight on him even after he was neutered. I did get him to his ideal weight of 6.5lbs for a short time.

Ghandi was a lop and english spot mix. Both are typically friendly breeds especially the lops. It wasn't that Ghandi was not friendly so much as he was fearful. Seeing how badly he was treated in the past especially with the suspicion that his leg ended up broken because somebody dropped him, it did not surprise me that he was fearful. With time and patience, he got to where he would crawl up an nudge your hand for affection and would come hobbling over when I shook the "cookie jar." He did not like being picked up and I would only do it when necessary. Due to his anatomical complications, he would often urinate on himself and required cleaning several times per day. He was a lot of work but I do not regret a minute of the two years I had him. I would recommend a lop or an english spot for a family that has older children. They are both friendly and make good pets when properly cared for and handled. I would not, however, recommend a three legged rabbit or any type of special needs rabbit for anyone other than expert rabbit care givers.

We guess him to be about 3 years old when I found him but there is really no way to tell. He passed away about a yer and a half after I adopted him, due to a heart attack.

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