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A Most Excellent Escape Artist


Brandon, Florida, United States

Posted Jan 20, 2019

Blaze was one of our more eccentric pets. He was an incredible escape artist, deaf and kinda smelly. All this made him so much more ridiculous but we loved him.

We always knew he had escaped when our dog suddenly couldn't contain himself and went on a sniffing frenzy. He was usually found in a one of our closets just chilling.... or plotting what he was going to be stealing next. Normally we'd find a way to stop the escaping but with Blaze we kinda just let it happen because that way he just kinda let himself out when it was time to play.

I think one of the more important things to keep in mind when considering a ferret is that they truly have a mind of their own and don't really conform to the usual cuddly, little, docile, friend sterotype that most small mammals do.

Though, in my opinion, the most important thing to consider is the smell. I'll be honest, they smell kinda terrible, almost all the time. Sure you can bathe them, but bathing them too often can make the smell worse. I believe we tried to bathe Blaze once a month or so to avoid drying out his skin and I gotta say that was an experience all in its self. So when considering a ferret really ask yourself if you can take the smell, as unlike a hamster, they live for quite awhile and it's hard to find a new home for them.

Now if you can handle the smell.... as a little tip, since ferrets are rather social it can be a good idea to have more than one. That way they have a playmate that can reallllyyyy help them entertain and use up some of that energy.

Their enclosure isn't too hard to put together, but you will want to make sure its rather big given how large ferrets are. Simple toys and hideaways go a long way but we found that our ferrets really appreciated having cloth hammocks or hideaways that they could really snuggle into.

All in all, we loved Blaze. He was hilarious and we miss him dearly, but I can't say we'd ever get another Ferret. Then again, who knows?

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